Top 10 best Christmast gifts for men 2012

As usual before every Holliday would like to present you top 10 best Christmas gifts for men 2012. Top is selected reading other advices in different websites and by poll.


 1-st place. Smartphone, usefull, small stylish friend for every men.

2-nd place. New watch for new year.


3-d place. Accessories of any type and material -use your imagination.



4-th place. Stylish handbag produced by famous brand.
5-th place. Diamond men jacket, most wanted this season.
6-th place. Tools, every real men should have big box of tools at home.
7-th place. Stylish business clas suitcase.
8-th place. Solid business card holder.
9-th place. Thermal underwear for men. You can find it here.
10-th. Place perfume for men, just choose a taste.
Last gift is for imagination.. 🙂 

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