Top 10 best Christmast gifts for men 2013

As usual before every Holliday would like to present you top 10 best Christmas gifts for men 2013. Top is selected reading other advices in different websites and by poll.


1-st place. GoPro camere – record best moments of upcming 2014.

2-nd place. Expencice shirt or a tie will be a really nice gift for every stylish men. You can find it here.
3-d place. New watch for new year.
4-th place. Smartwatch, usefull, small stylish friend for every men.
5-th place. Nice underwear for every ocasion. You can find it here.
6-th place. Accessories of any type and material -use your imagination.
7-th place. Perfume for men, just choose a taste.
8-th place. Robe for every ocasion. You can find it here.
9-th place. Braun Series 7 inteligent Sonic tech. lifts hairs before a plethora of blades and elements terminate follicles.
10-th. Stylish glasses of whisky
Last gift is for imagination.. 🙂

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